Recent Kentucky Verdicts

Barber v UPS:

5.3 million was issued 5 million of which was in non economic damage like embarrassment and humiliation. Eight Affrican American UPS workers alleged.

Isaacs v Novelis:

130K back pay 300K non economic ,Plaintiff sustained an injury while allegedly performing and unsafe act, she was fired upon release to return to work and she sued alleging that she was fired because she filed a Workers Compensation claim. Plaintiff prevailed and the jury found that the timing of the termination relative to the workers compensation return was a significant factor.

Sharp v Aker:

Plant Services Plaintiff sued for age discrimination, armed a tape recording of the boss saying that he was being fired in order to make room for a younger worker. Verdict $66,000.

Harman v Western Baptist Hospital:

Plaintiff claimed that her employer interfered with her FMLA leave when it offered a number of different jobs open upon her return but she declined because she considered them inferior. The Employer won this case in part because it was able to show what it offered was a reasonable alternative the the job plaintiff did at the time of injury.

Donaldson v City of Erlanger:

A police dispatcher sued for sexual harassment. The jury found for the employer based upon the timing of plaintiff’s complaint and the amount of adverse evidence regarding her performance.


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